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What should be done about immigration reform?

Amnesty Is Not the Answer Without Genuine Border Security

By Mark Tooley

The Blame Belongs to House Republicans

By Jacob Lupfer

We Must Fix Our Broken Immigration System

By Gabriel Salguero

Should we teach religion in public schools? And if so, how?

How Should We Teach the Bible in Public Schools?

By Mark A. Chancey

The Dangers of Religious Instruction in Public Schools

By Annie Laurie Gaylor

We Must Teach about Religion in High Schools

By Joseph Laycock

To Teach or Not to Teach?

By Cynthia N. Dunbar

Are the proposed HHS mandate exemptions enough?

How about a “Do Over” for the HHS Mandate?

By Francis J. Manion

Rhetoric Versus Reality: The Contraception Benefit and Religious Freedom

By Elizabeth Sepper and Alisha Johnson

What was missing from the presidential candidates’ campaign rhetoric?

What Romney Wouldn’t Say

By Randall Balmer

The Cracks Beneath Obama’s Winning Coalition

By Matthew Schmitz

Will Paul Ryan help Mitt Romney win the Catholic vote?

Ryan’s Catholic Problem? A Century of Papal Teachings

By Michael Sean Winters

Memo to Ryan: “Life Issues” Go Beyond Abortion

By Simone Campbell

In Ryan, Romney Has an Ally for the Unborn

By Patrick Archbold

Ryan Speaks the Language of “Faithful Catholics”

By R.J. Moeller

Whose responsibility is it to fund care for the underserved—the state or religious groups? And who does it best?

Let’s Remember History, When Religious Institutions Welcomed Government Support

By Alison Collis Greene

Government Is Not the Enemy, Nor the Only Answer

By Joel C. Hunter

Churches Need Strong Federal Programs to Help the Vulnerable

By David Beckmann

When It Comes to Complex Needs, Government Can’t Provide What Matters Most

By Jedd Medefind

What is fair game to discuss in the media about a candidate’s religion?

Faith Is a Factor for Voters, and Rightly So

By Timothy Dalrymple

If a Candidate Talks Faith, We Should Talk About Everything

By Michael Ruse

Let’s Focus On Policy, Not Just Theology

By Amy Sullivan
States of the Union

Writers tell us stories about where they discovered religion and politics in their states.


An Atheist Finds (Some) Reasons to Believe in Her Old Church.

By Sarah Stankorb

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