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Why We Need Feminist Theology: Romney and ‘Binders Full of Women’

posted on October 19, 2012

For The Washington Post, Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite examines the religious undertones of Mitt Romney’s reference to “whole binders full of women” during Wednesday’s presidential debate. Thistlethwaite believes that Romney’s comment, as well as the larger “War on Women,” stems from the religious notion of God as male, and women as secondary. Thistlethwaite writes, “Unless and until we go deeper on why women are paid less, are told they don’t have the religious freedom to act on their own consciences in regard to their reproductive health choices, and why they are abused in their bodies, minds and spirits with little or no legal protections, then we will not get to the real problem and real and more permanent solutions will elude us.” 

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