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Which Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Are Talking About Their Faith?

posted on March 26, 2019

America‘s Michael J. O’Loughlin reports, “As Democrats continue campaigning for the 2020 presidential primary season, some candidates appear to be highlighting issues of faith as they seek to appeal to a wider swath of voters.” Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said on Morning Joe, “I think the time has come for more of a religious left to emerge in our country that lets people know that they are not alone when they look at faith and think that it teaches us to reach out to others, to humble ourselves, to take care of the immigrant and the prisoner and frankly, the sex worker.” In a CNN town hall appearance, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren reflected similar sentiments. She spoke about her involvement in the Methodist church and reflected on a passage from the Gospel of Matthew that emphasizes the importance of caring for those in need.

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