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What Happens When a Church Dedicated to Fighting White Supremacy Is Accused of It

posted on April 17, 2018

The Washington Post’s Michelle Boorstein reports that Washington’s All Souls Unitarian Church, which has billed itself as a bastion of progressivism, stands accused of racism. The Rev. Susan Newman Moore, who was the only African American on the church’s full-time staff before resigning last summer, alleges that she was underpaid, the target of racially motivated slights, and ultimately forced out by church leadership. “After nearly 200 years on the social justice forefront leading on everything from fighting slavery and segregation to legalizing same-gender marriage, All Souls’ attendance surged after the election of President Trump,” Boorstein writes. “Now some congregants say they feel the conflict over Moore has revealed their church home as just another example of the racism they have been fighting.”

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