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U.S. Jews Talk Identity, Holocaust After Goldberg’s Remarks

posted on February 7, 2022

Luis Andres Henao, Peter Smith, and David Crary of The Associated Press report, “The uproar over Whoopi Goldberg’s remarks about the Holocaust has catalyzed somber reflections by many American Jews about not only the legacy of the Holocaust but anti-Jewish discrimination in the United States and their sense of a collective identity.” ABC suspended Goldberg for two weeks for saying that the Holocaust was not about race. Lauren Bairnsfather, director of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, where the deadly 2018 Tree of Life synagogue massacre took place, said, “Race is a made-up construct, but racism is very real.” She noted “that Adolf Hitler based his racial laws in Nazi Germany partly on Jim Crow laws targeting African Americans in the U.S.”

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