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Two Steps Back: The USCCB & the Ouster of an Editor

posted on May 4, 2016

At Commonweal Magazine, John Gehring writes on the forced resignation of Tony Spence, the editor-in-chief of Catholic News Service, after he voiced his opposition to the anti-LGBT bill in Tennessee. The ouster of Spence reflects a larger schism in the Catholic church between liberals and conservatives. “Culture warriors are digging in. Self-appointed guardians of orthodoxy will only grow more emboldened now that they can claim another scalp. There is nothing joyful, inspiring, or authentically Catholic about any of this,” Gehring writes. “Catholics on the left and right don’t have to agree on everything to recognize a better path is possible. The ideological purity tests and ugly character assassinations that sicken our secular body politic should be a cautionary tale for our church.”

Read at Commonweal Magazine