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They Went to Bible College to Deepen Their Faith. Then They Were Assaulted—and Blamed for It.

posted on October 5, 2021

Becca Andrews of Mother Jones reports on allegations that Moody Bible Institute mishandled cases of sexual assault and Title IX claims. Eleven alumni came forward in an October 2020 petition with their stories. Many of the victims view the purity culture that pervades the religious university as the basis for the administration’s inaction. Andrews writes, “In mid-April, Moody announced that the investigation had been completed and issued an apology ‘to those members of our Moody community who experienced a lack of empathy and follow-through’ regarding their Title IX reports and ‘those whose reports were not processed as rapidly and efficiently as they could have been.’” The college has released a list of eleven commitments for reform, but some victims remain skeptical, arguing that the reforms do not address the underlying culture of shaming and blaming women for their experiences.

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