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The Rise of the Liberal Latter-day Saints

posted on September 28, 2021

For The Washington Post Magazine, Emily Kaplan reports that there is a growing liberal movement within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She writes, “Long identified with conservative theology and Republican politics, the church now finds itself at something of an inflection point. More so than in other conservative religious institutions, liberals—or at least those disaffected from conservatism—are making their presence known inside and on the perimeters of the church, provoking something of a Latter-day Saint identity crisis.” The movement spread significantly after the election of Donald Trump. Patrick Mason, the chair of Mormon history and culture at Utah State, said, “People have already started to do the work to sketch out a theological rationale that would allow for the kind of revelation that allows for women’s ordination, for same-sex marriage, all kinds of things.”

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