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The Political Gospel of Raphael Warnock

posted on October 25, 2022

Benjamin Wallace-Wells of The New Yorker reports that Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock is highlighting his spiritual side in his reelection campaign. He writes, “Warnock had called democracy a ‘political enactment of a spiritual idea, that we are all children of God, and therefore we all ought to have a voice in the direction of our country and our destiny within it.’” Warnock serves as the pastor for Ebenezer Baptist Church, the congregation where the Rev. Martin Luther King preached for many years. Wallace-Wells writes, “His Senate office often refers to him as ‘Senator Reverend Warnock,’ a funny mashup of his political and pastoral roles, but also a telling one. Which is he: a politician or a pastor? Warnock’s political power depends on his ability to answer ‘both.’”

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