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The Next Generation of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

posted on July 10, 2014

At The Atlantic, Jeff Moskowitz reports on the growing role of younger generations in Israel and Palestine in furthering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to Moskowitz, young voters on both sides of the conflict are significantly less likely than older generations to believe that a two-state solution should or will be worked out. One major reason for this growing generational divide is that younger individuals grew up during and after the Second Intifada, when there was significantly more violence and less cross-border contact than before. As a result, according to Idan Maor, the chairman of the Hebrew University Student Union, “Now it’s easier to demonize the other side because you don’t really know them. You don’t see them. It’s really not safe for Israelis to go to the West Bank or Gaza, so how could we meet them?”

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