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The Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Bill Offers a Lesson for Activists

posted on December 15, 2022

For Time, Marc Solomon writes that the bipartisan passage of the Respect Marriage Act in Congress “represents an especially powerful case for the importance of centering persuasion in social movements – an approach increasingly at odds with modern political zeitgeist.” He argues that it shows the need for engagement rather than writing off those who don’t agree with you. “By acknowledging people’s conflicts, sharing accessible stories, making space for them to journey to support, and embracing them when they do so, reformers can bring about victories that make our country a more just, compassionate place while offering hope for reconciliation in these times of deep division,” he writes. Solomon was the national campaign director of Freedom to Marry, and he is the author of Winning Marriage: The Inside Story of How Same-Sex Couples Took On the Politicians and Pundits – and Won.

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