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Spiritually Motivated: How Tim Kaine Navigates his Faith and Politics

posted on August 25, 2016

National Catholic Reporter‘s Brian Roewe interviews vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine in Kaine’s hometown of Overland Park, Kansas. Kaine told Roewe: “Neither faith nor politics would exist if humans didn’t have an instinctive belief that what is is not as good as what could be. If we didn’t perceive the gap between what is and what could be, there wouldn’t be religion and there wouldn’t be politics, either. But it’s our awareness of our own imperfections and our instinctive understanding that society can be better and I can be better. That’s why it’s the gulf between the is and the ought that is where both religion and politics come. And that is an instinctive reaction that we have, and I view that as, that is a divine question mark that’s put into every person, that from some point in early age we start to be able to perceive that what is isn’t as good as what could be, both individually and in society. And so that’s the deep connection, I think, between religion and politics done right.”

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