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Romney’s Faith, Silent but Deep

posted on May 21, 2012

At The New York TimesJodi Kantor profiles Mitt Romney’s transition from regional Mormon leader to regular congregation member. In 1994, during his first political campaign, then challenging Ted Kennedy for his seat in the U.S. Senate, Romney left his role as Boston Stake president and became a Sunday school teacher in his Belmont, Massachusetts ward. Still, Kantor suggests that as Romney the church leader has receded from public view, to be replaced by Romney the politician, Romney’s Mormon faith has continued to shape his politics. “Mr. Romney’s penchant for rules mirrors that of his church, where he once excommunicated adulterers and sometimes discouraged mothers from working outside the home,” writes Kantor. “He may have many reasons for abhorring debt, wanting to limit federal power, promoting self-reliance and stressing the unique destiny of the United States, but those are all traditionally Mormon traits as well.”

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