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Mark Regnerus’s Gay-Parenting Study Starts a Political War

posted on June 14, 2012

The Daily Beast’s David Sessions writes on the controversy over Mark Regnerus’ New Family Structures Study, which “purports to show that those who have parents in same-sex relationships face negative long-term consequences.” While chronicling Regnerus’ background and past work, Sessions outlines the criticisms of the current study, from its suspect methodology to its funding from socially conservative organizations. “He may be wrong and even working with an agenda, but gay-marriage supporters don’t have to paint Regnerus a hateful ideologue to mount convincing critiques of his work,” Sessions writes. “And where science is concerned, they can remain confident: just as before this research was published, there remains no evidence that children in stable gay families will be worse off than others. One slanted study is unlikely to change that.”

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