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Lawsuit Says FBI Uses No-Fly List in Bid to Recruit Muslim Informants

posted on April 23, 2014

The Washington Post reports on a lawsuit filed on behalf of four Muslim men that accuses the FBI of placing and keeping them on a no-fly list after they declined to spy on their local Muslim communities. Awais Sajjad, a lawful permanent resident of the U.S., alleges that he was barred from boarding a plane to Pakistan due to his status on the no-fly list, and, when questioned by the FBI, was offered citizenship, compensation, and removal from the list in exchange for his work as an informant. When he declined, they kept him on the list. One of the co-plaintiffs, Naveed Shinwari told a similar story and said, “I am very frustrated. It has been a horrible experience. It’s very depressing. You feel helpless.”

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