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Inside a Muslim Community’s Effort to Rein in the FBI

posted on November 8, 2021

Kelsey Dallas of Deseret News reports that a Muslim community in Southern California is challenging the constitutionality of an FBI surveillance program that they claim targeted them for their faith. Three members of the community filed suit ten years ago, but because of the government’s reluctance to release information related to the case, the merits of the religious liberty claim have not yet been adjudicated. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case, FBI v. Fazaga, on November 8. Ahilan Arulanathan, the faculty co-director of UCLA’s Law Center for Immigration Law and Policy, said, “Even to this day, agents are still asking to meet with the leaders of mosques in order to obviously spy on them, visiting people in their homes for ‘voluntary’ interviews and taking various other actions, all of which combined send a very clear message to this community: ‘We don’t trust you. You aren’t like us.’”

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