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For Some Americans, Ukraine’s Fight Feels Close to Home

posted on February 28, 2022

Ruth Graham, Elizabeth Dias, Miriam Jordan, and Karen Zraick of The New York Times report that some Americans feel a personal connection to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Ruth Salton, a Holocaust survivor who fled to the United States, said, “I feel for them, I hurt for them, and I exactly know how they feel. We were running, we were on trains, it was the same thing. You do not know how it feels when you have to run and to be afraid. The worst thing in life is not death, it’s being frightened.” Alex Telischak, a Jehovah’s Witness whose mother and father-in-law live in Ukraine, said, “Having a community, or a religion that is borderless, that is a tremendous comfort to us.”

Read at The New York Times