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Dozens of Evangelical Leaders Meet to Discuss How Trump Era Has Unleashed “Grotesque Caricature” of Their Faith

posted on April 16, 2018

The Washington Post’s Sarah Pulliam Bailey reports, “About 50 top leaders of major evangelical institutions will attend an invitation-only gathering this week to discuss the future and the ‘soul’ of evangelicalism at a time when many of them are concerned their faith group has become tainted by its association with divisive politics under President Trump.” The Rev. Tim Keller, one of the pastors attending the gathering, said, “It is a complete terrible reversal when [people believe] religion is about politics when it’s the other way around.” Organizers asserted that the purpose of the gathering is not meant to be anti-Trump, but to examine how the term “evangelical” could be restored to its original, faith-based meaning.

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