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After Years of Quiet, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Exploded. Why Now?

posted on May 18, 2021

The New York Times‘s Patrick Kingsley reports that several incidents led to the current Israeli-Palestinian crisis. In one incident in April, Israeli police raided the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem during the first night of Ramadan. Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, tells Kingsley, “”This was the turning point. Their actions would cause the situation to deteriorate.” Kingsley writes, “That deterioration has been far more devastating, far-reaching and fast-paced than anyone imagined. It has led to the worst violence between Israelis and Palestinians in years — not only in the conflict with Hamas, which has killed at least 145 people in Gaza and 12 in Israel, but in a wave of mob attacks in mixed Arab-Jewish cities in Israel.”

Read at The New York Times