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A Rabbi Moves Holocaust Survivors to Front of Vaccination Line

posted on March 2, 2021

Linda Matchan of The Forward reports that congregation Kehillath Israel in Brookline, Massachusetts, has created a vaccination clinic to serve Holocaust survivors. Matchan writes, “The idea for the clinic came from the rabbi’s physician sister, Marisa Tieger. They’d been chatting about how unfair it was that as healthy women in their 30s they had easy access to the vaccine by virtue of their professions, while people much older — especially Holocaust survivors— are struggling to get it.” It has been a struggle to contact survivors, though. Janet Stein Calm, the president of the American Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants of Greater Boston, said, “It’s a very difficult list to keep track of. There are survivors who don’t want their names and addresses published on any list.” The clinic has vaccinated at least 120 Holocaust survivors and their children.

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