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Dinesh D’Souza Is Winning

posted on September 15, 2014

In National Journal, Simon Van Zuylen-Wood profiles author and former Christian college president Dinesh D’Souza. D’Souza is making a comeback after a mistress mishap damaged his credibility as an ambassador for the Christian right in 2012. D’Souza, famous for his crusade against Obama and “the cultural Left,” recently pled guilty to a campaign finance violation. Though he has yet to be sentenced, D’Souza’s longtime editor Adam Bellow said, “If he goes to jail, you know, will it harm him? Au contraire.”

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Germans Rally to Protest Anti-Semitism Over Gaza War

posted on September 15, 2014

In The New York Times, Melissa Eddy reports, “Thousands of Germans, many wrapped in Israeli flags, gathered at Berlin’s historic Brandenburg Gate on Sunday for a rally against anti-Semitism, which has flared up in Europe following Israel’s invasion of Gaza.”German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “It’s our national and civic duty to fight anti-Semitism.” For the first time, the World Jewish Congress opens its annual conference in Berlin on Monday in order to mark “the rebirth of Jewish life” since the fall of the Berlin wall.

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Obama Outlines ISIS Strategy: Airstrikes In Syria, More U.S. forces

posted on September 11, 2014

Tom Cohen of CNN reports that President Barack Obama outlined his strategy to defeat ISIS in the Middle East. Although Obama indicated that his plan will not involve American combat troops on foreign soil, he will send advisors and military aid to train rebels, including Kurdish fighters in the north. “I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are,” he said. “Our objective is clear: We will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy,”

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Syria’s Blood Diamonds

posted on September 11, 2014

At The Wall Street Journal, Christian C. Sahner explores the Syrian civil war and its impact on Syrian culture. While the plundering of antiquities is nothing new during a conflict, the case in Syria is different as the destruction of religious sites is purposely done to stoke sectarian hatred. “The loss of temples, churches, mosques and museums is a consequence of a conflict that devalues human life and heritage at a fundamental level,” Sahner writes. “By destroying history, Syria’s warring factions risk destroying the future of their country. Sadly as the current war on cultural heritage shows, this is well on its way to happening.”

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New York Pauses For 9/11 Anniversary

posted on September 11, 2014

Marc Santora and Tatiana Schlossberg of The New York Times reports that the city of New York joined the rest of the nation in remembering the 13th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. President Obama spoke to family members of the victims at the Pentagon where one of the planes crashed. “There are now teenagers, young adults, who were born after 9/11. It’s remarkable,” Obama said. “Generations from now, no matter the trial, no matter the challenge, America will always be America.”

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Church Is Becoming More Informal, Just Like the Rest of Society

posted on September 11, 2014

The New York Times’ Michael Paulson reports that religious institutions are becoming more informal, according to a new Duke University study. Congregations are also becoming more diverse, while the evangelical worship style is becoming more popular, especially among large churches. “Congregations are embedded in our culture and our society, and they are reflecting both the trends, but also the divisions and the conflicts,” said Mark Chaves, director of the study.

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A Changed Woman

posted on September 10, 2014

In D Magazine, Michael Mooney tells the story of Amanda Barbour, a woman who underwent a decade of “conversion therapy,” in an attempt to correct her same-sex desires, for her family and her faith. Despite her initial success as a “poster child” for reparative therapy, Barbour is finally ending up with the pastor of her dreams—Heather, a divinity student. “I explored my new self and found that faith and homosexuality weren’t mutually exclusive,” Barbour said.

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Sky Burial

posted on September 10, 2014

In Oxford American, Alex Mar writes about individuals who are giving their bodies to science after death, in order to decompose on a body farm. “However shocking it is to the mainstream American sensibility, deliberate excarnation (or de-fleshing) is also a practice with a history—a spiritual practice sometimes referred to as ‘sky burial,’” Mar writes. The practice relates to Native American, Tibetan, and Zoroastrian traditions of leaving bodies on elevated platforms to decompose. The Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State University has been receiving requests from religious donors to participate in their decomposition studies after death.

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