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What I Learned Binge-Watching Steve Bannon’s Documentaries

posted on December 7, 2016

For Politico Magazine, Adam Wren analyzes films produced by Steve Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist. Bannon worked in Hollywood, helping make 18 films, including “Torchbearer” and “In the Face of Evil,” about Ronald Reagan. According to Wren, Bannon’s ideal president saves America from godlessness and corruption. He writes, “Bannon’s films often began with a verse of scripture appearing as white text over a black screen. In ‘Generation Zero,’ it’s a quote from Ecclesiastes; in ‘The Undefeated,’ it’s a passage from the Gospel of Matthew: ‘Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit. But a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit … by their fruits ye shall know them.”’

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