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Counseling Association Cancels Nashville Conference Over Therapist Law

posted on May 11, 2016

At The Tennessean, Joel Ebert and Joey Garrison report, “In protest of a state law they say is an affront to the profession of counseling and the worst legislation the group has tracked in decades, the American Counseling Association has canceled its annual conference scheduled for Nashville next year.” The law states that counselors can refuse patients on religious grounds, drawing criticism for legalizing discrimination against people seeking help. “If the new law is allowed to stand, we cannot in good conscience bring business to Tennessee,” said Richard Yep, head of the ACA. “It is an affront to our profession and we must stand firm to prevent other states from enacting a law like HB 1840. Therefore, our annual meeting will be rescheduled for another venue outside of Tennessee.”

Read at The Tennessean