Rudy Giuliani’s New Low

At Tablet, James Kirchick writes that in 1999, then New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani invoked the Holocaust to justify his calls for further intervention in Kosovo to stop the slaughter of Serbian Muslims at the hands of troops loyal to Slobadan Milosevic. Thirteen years later, Giuliani’s consulting firm now counts as clients two Serbian political candidates who were once allies of Milosevic. In April, Giuliani even traveled to Belgrade to meet with Aleksandar Vucic and Tomislav Nikolic, the Serbian Progressive Party’s (SNS) mayoral and presidential candidates. “From once righteously calling for American intervention to put a halt to murderous Serb nationalism,” writes Kirchick, “to standing alongside a pair of rebranded Serb nationalists, last month’s spectacle in Belgrade represents a new low for ‘America’s Mayor.'”


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