Inside the Campaign: How Mitt Romney Stumbled

At Politico, Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei write a piece critical of Stuart Stevens, Romney’s top campaign strategist. They report Stevens rewrote Romney’s RNC speech, which failed to mention the troops serving abroad; he also allowed Clint Eastwood to speak without oversight at the RNC. “In what many in the campaign now consider a fundamental design flaw, Stevens is doing three major jobs: chief strategist, chief ad maker and chief speechwriter,” Allen and Vandehei write. “It would be as if George W. Bush had run for president in 2000 with one person playing the roles of Karl Rove, Mark McKinnon and Michael Gerson. Or if on the Obama campaign of 2008, David Axelrod had not been backed up by Jim Margolis, Robert Gibbs and Jon Favreau.”

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