Prominent Evangelical Pastor Tearfully Steps Aside After “Unwise” Relationship

Elizabeth Dias and Ruth Graham of The New York Times report that evangelical megachurch pastor Matt Chandler has taken an indefinite leave of absence because of an online relationship he had with a woman who was not his wife. They write, “Matt Chandler, the lead pastor of the Village Church, told his congregation in a tearful admission that took place on stage during the worship service, that the relationship was not ‘romantic or sexual’ but ‘unguarded and unwise,’ and included ‘coarse and foolish joking that’s unbefitting of someone in my position.’” Dias and Graham write, “The announcement of Mr. Chandler’s departure did not include allegations of abuse. But it comes as his church’s larger denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, faces continued scrutiny for its handling of a sprawling sexual abuse crisis.”

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