What Happens When the Dogma Lives Loudly within a Democrat

The Dispatch‘s David French compares the right’s treatment of the faith of the Rev. Raphael Warnock, Georgia Senate candidate, to the left’s treatment of the faith of Amy Coney Barrett. He writes, “And now his religious beliefs are under fire, and the people taking aim at Warnock are some of the same individuals who rallied to defend Barrett from Democratic and media attacks on her faith.” He cites tweets from Republican senators who criticized a sermon clip from the preacher saying you cannot serve God and the military. French writes, “If Pastor Warnock would underfund the military, oppose him on that basis. If he would undercut support for veterans, oppose him on that basis. And his support for abortion rights is gravely wrong. But to whip up outrage because you didn’t like the way he preached a sermon about Matthew 6:24? Well then, I know some Republican senators who now aren’t that different from Dianne Feinstein. In their partisan zeal, they’ve made the same mistake.”

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