A Crisis of Faith in Science?

First Things’ writer Rebecca Oas refutes Laura Stepp’s assertion that “conservatives who oppose the use of contraceptives for religious reasons have lost their faith in science and are abdicating the use of their intellect in order to maintain an untenable position.” Stepp, a journalist for CNN, cites a “study which analyzes survey data revealing that, since the mid-1970s, a falling percentage of college-educated conservatives claim to ‘trust science.’” Oas counters Stepp with scientific data of her own, which support many conservatives’ views on contraception. Oas concludes, “It’s troubling that an intelligent journalist like Stepp can so easily dismiss her opponents as foolish and deluded, despite the fact that that every piece of evidence [Stepp] raises can be easily rebutted by facts that any journalist could easily obtain.”

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