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1 What the Show Cosmos Gets Wrong about Religion—and Science
2 Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an
3 Maine: A Spiritual Frontier Opens for Business
4 The Establishment Clause: An Interview with Judge Guido Calabresi
5 Contraception v. Religious Freedom: Hobby Lobby Heads to the Supreme Court
States of the Union

Writers tell us stories about where they discovered religion and politics in their states.


A Spiritual Frontier Opens for Business.

By Brook Wilensky-Lanford

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A setting to debate the issues of the day.

Should we teach religion in public schools? And if so, how?

How Should We Teach the Bible in Public Schools?

By Mark A. Chancey

The Dangers of Religious Instruction in Public Schools

By Annie Laurie Gaylor

We Must Teach about Religion in High Schools

By Joseph Laycock

To Teach or Not to Teach?

By Cynthia N. Dunbar

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Mission at Nuremberg: An Army Chaplain and the Trial of the Nazis

3 hours ago

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